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OMG, I am freaking out about how awesome my Plantee smart indoor greenhouse is!!! This thing is like a mini NASA for my plants. The technology is so advanced and makes growing my own veggies and herbs so easy. I love being able to control everything from my phone, like the temperature, humidity, and lighting. Plus, the LED lights are like a dream come true for my plants. They are growing so fast and healthy, I can't even handle it! I'm telling you, if you're into indoor gardening, you need to get yourself a Plantee. It's like having a personal botanist in your own home. And let me tell you, the design is so sleek and modern, it's like it was made for Instagram. I'm so excited to see what my plants will do in the next months, this is a game changer! Thank you Plantee Innovations, you rock!

Peter McGregor

I had some issues setting up Plantee, but the customer support was quick and helpful. It turned out I was enetering a wrong wi-fi password 🤦‍♀️ Since then, everything is superb and Plantee is just out of this world device! ✨🌱

Laura Ferguson

I almost gave up on growing plants because they kept dying. With Plantee I finally understood that a sweet balance is needed for plants to thrive. They are doing so well now, in Plantee. Thank you!

Roger Millikan

I've been using my Plantee smart indoor greenhouse for a little while now and overall, I am pretty satisfied with it. The technology is really impressive and makes it easy to control the environment for my plants, which is great. The LED lighting is also a huge plus and my plants are definitely thriving because of it. However, there is one downside that I've encountered. I've noticed that the app can be a bit buggy and sometimes it's difficult to connect to the greenhouse. It's not a deal breaker but it can be a bit frustrating.

Other than that, I really do like my Plantee and would recommend it to other indoor
gardeners. The design is very modern, and it's been a great addition to my

P.S.: I talked to the customer support and they are realeasing a new version soon, so hopefully it will be fixed


I was sceptical because the product looked too good to be true. But after 3 weeks it arrived and since then I can't stop plying with it. There are so many options! Honestly this has been the biggest suprise of past few years. I tried many other products (like Click&Grow) and they don¨t come even close to Plantee.

Lawrence Moreliver

At first, I was quite disappointed with my Plantee smart indoor greenhouse. I thought the design of the device was the problem, as I was having trouble getting the humidity levels right for my plants. But after some troubleshooting and talking to customer support, I discovered that the issue was actually caused by my own mishandling of the device. I had not properly calibrated the humidity sensor and was not using the correct settings on the app.

Once I got everything sorted out, I was able to get the humidity levels just right for my plants and they are now thriving. I am truly impressed with the design of the Plantee and how it allows for such precise control of the environment for my plants. I am now a huge fan of the device and highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their indoor gardening to the next level. I would say is that the customer support is amazing, so don't hesitate to reach out to them if you have any issues. It's not just the device but also the people behind it are great.

Thomas Londeborough

I have to say, the decision-making process before buying Plantee was quite stressful for me. As someone who is very particular about my indoor gardening, I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. I did a ton of research, reading reviews, watching videos, and comparing different indoor greenhouses before finally deciding on Plantee. My expectations were surpassed by reality. The technology in Plantee is truly impressive and it makes controlling the environment for my plants so easy. The LED lighting is also a game changer. I've seen a significant improvement in the growth and health of my plants since using Plantee. I also appreciate the sleek and modern design, it looks great in my home. Buying Plantee was the best decision I made in order to take my indoor gardening to the next level. I'm so glad I took the time to research and make an informed decision. I'm very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend Plantee to anyone looking to improve their indoor gardening experience.

Karen Laurier

I am a young financial analyst living in an apartment in D.C. and I have to say, Plantee has greatly improved my indoor gardening hobby. I am an avid plant lover and I have always been fascinated by how plants can bring life to any space. As a busy person, I don't have much time to spend on gardening, but I always make sure to keep a few plants in my apartment to keep me company. Unfortunatelly it was not uncommon that they ended up drying out and dying.

Plantee was an obvious choice for my apartment as it is compact, easy to use, and stylish. I appreciate being able to control the environment for my plants using my phone, it makes my busy life much more manageable. The LED lighting is also a huge plus, as it allows my plants to thrive even in the dimly-lit apartment.

I highly recommend Plantee to any busy urban dwellers like myself who want to bring some green into their home. It is a convenient and easy way to improve your indoor gardening. You can have a little piece of nature in your own home and it doesn't take much time to take care of it. It's a perfect fit for people like us who are always on the go but still want to have a piece of nature around.

Michael Harry

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